Pick your perfect Wedding Hair Accessories – in 3 easy steps


I speak to a lot of brides who really don’t know what sort of wedding hair accessory they want – they KNOW what they DON’T want but just not sure what they do. They don’t want a traditional tiara, they think they might want pearls but that is generally about it and then they feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choice available. Sound familiar?! Read on dear reader and I’ll help you to make that decision a little easier!



The absolute key way to narrow down which hair accessory will be best for you is to consider your hair type.

FINE HAIR – Most wedding hair combs will be too heavy to hold in your hair (trust me I know from personal experience!) so if possible it is always better to opt for a side tiara or an ornament on a crocodile clip. Both of these options will ensure you are free from worry about any combgate disasters throughout your day. If – IF you HAVE TO have a hair comb there are some simple things you can do to ensure it is secure. Also always read the SO Jewellery descriptions of our hair combs as we try to reference the size and weight of each comb to help in your buying decisions.

NORMAL HAIR/MEDIUM THICKNESS – HOORAY for you – you can take your pick; hair combs, tiaras, side tiaras, clips, pins, vines the choice is yours! Don’t look so smug that also means you have not yet narrowed down your perfect hair accessory 😉

THICK HAIR – As with fine hair hair combs can be a bit of a minefield. You can of course take a heavier comb but anything too small will get lost in the masses of your wonderfully luscious locks. Some smaller hair combs and clips might also seem a bit tricky to secure too as the smaller teeth can have problems sinking into your hair. Again if you are unsure a hassle free no worry option would always be a side tiara.

SHORT HAIR – Combs again cause problems (why do we love them so!) your best option if you do not want a side tiara or bridal headband is a clip – they look just like a comb but the smaller teeth will get a better grip.

MEDIUM/LONG HAIR – The worlds your oyster girls just see the points above to help you narrow down your search.

Best Allrounder- Bridal Side Tiara

Best Allrounder- Bridal Side Tiara


This might seem like an odd one but your hair colour should really play an important part of deciding which bridal hair accessory is the best for you.

BLONDES – The trick here blonde bombshells is to chose a piece with larger stones. Why? Well blonde hair absorbs more light than dark hair which in turn allows less light into the crystals in your hair accessories which means they sparkle less. So the larger the crystal the more chance of maximum light getting in thus giving off a better more radiant sparkle. If you are looking for a pearl hair accessory I would also make sure it has crystals in too as the pearls may get lost in your hair colour on their own.

BRUNETTES – This is where I can count myself as one of the luck ones! Anything will stand out in our hair colour from smaller crystals to pearls and fabric hair accessories with tiny little seed beads.

 RED HEAD – Again you guys are a lucky lot, most things will stand out in your hair colour – smaller crystals may get a bit lost but other than that you are fine. I would personally recommend wearing pearls in red hair – the contrast is amazing! They just look absolutely stunning when off set by red hair. Ivory fabric pieces work well too.

Crystal Hair Comb

If you are unsure opt for hair accessories with larger crystal stones


After you have taken the above two points into consideration, it makes your job just a little bit easier. Just follow your nose from here. Choose pieces which will reflect your individual personal style and tie into your other bridal jewellery and wedding dress detail.

Just remember these points to help you on your way.

  1. If you tend to prefer plain/non fussy jewellery and items – be a little bit braver – choose something just a tad bolder than you would normally. This is YOUR day to shine (trust me! you will thank me later!)
  2. The key is balance. If you have certain statement pieces allow your hair accessory to balance it out by going for something a little more understated.
  3. Comfort! Your are going to be wearing your bridal dress and accessories for at least 10 hours or so. Make sure you try on your wedding hair accessories and they are comfortable and feel secure. If you do want something that is going to be slightly uncomfortable but you desperately must have it. Buy a second (very affordable) back hair piece just in case that way you can change it for the evening giving you two wedding day looks and save your sore head.


Most of all, don’t stress over it – have fun. Try on a million different things until you find the one that’s YOU. Even if you are trying to save money by ordering your bridal accessories online ALL reputable companies like SO Jewellery will offer you a full refund for any unworn (we mean for more than trying on!) items as long as it is within our returns period. And we aren’t a bit upset if you order as many items as you see fit and return all the unwanted ones – it is important for you to feel right on your magical day.


Why you are doing it all in the first place.

Why you are doing it all in the first place.


Love, as always