Help! I can’t find the bridal accessories I wanted to buy!!


If you read our last post (and have visited us before, and you know, you have eyes!), you will know we are currently in the middle of some changes at SO Jewellery. I am working as fast as I can to update our new look bridal accessories boutique (how do you like it by the way?) by adding back in all of our lovely wedding hair accessories and bridal jewellery not to mention some exciting new ranges to be added soon – more on those another time!

However I can only go so fast – so you will not currently find all of our wedding accessories available to buy online. I am working to rectify this as soon as possible. If you are reading this thinking “great but I really wanted to buy that tiara/bridal earrings/hair comb today” Please do contact me – they are all still here in stock waiting to be dispatched!

If that sounds like you, you can contact me in the following ways

Call – 07811 979515

Email –

If you have any other questions or need any help during this time of transition please do not hesitate to contact me either – the only downside of running an online accessories boutique is not getting to hear from the customers enough 🙂

Love as Always