Buying LOTS of Wedding Accessories??!


The very essence of SO Jewellery has always been to save brides money – in which ever way we can. Over the years we have done this in a number of ways – the main one is still obviously keeping our prices as low as possible. We have had bridal sets featuring a side tiara or bridal hair comb, earrings and bracelet from prices starting as low as £45 (we might bring this one back – what do you think?) and we offer discounts if you need 3 or more of certain items.

Since our change of website (what do think btw?) it is not as easy to control how the checkout system works. Previously if you bought 3 or more of certain items (usually hair combs) the discount was added automatically however we do not have the facility to do that any more, the same could be said if you wanted to buy matching earrings and necklaces as a set – we always discounted it for you.

Spread the word!

To continue to offer these great savings for brides who need 3 or more bridesmaids hair combs or want matching sets etc we need you to get in touch so that we can email you a paypal invoice for the new reduced amount.

So I just wanted you guys to be aware we are still offering great value bridal jewellery and wedding accessories and that gets even better when you need to order for umpteen bridesmaids plus you need to kit yourself out and potentially by the mother of the bride a gift you just need to contact us to do it.

The absolute best way to get in touch is to email and let me know which items you require. Of course if there is anything else you need you can get me on the same email address and I will always be happy to help in whichever way I can. Or you can always….Call me!

I know this is creating more work for me (sshh I secretly love when brides contact me for help or advice AND even money off) and its a little extra pain in the bum for you but at the moment this is the only way SO Jewellery can still offer exceptional value for money on a whole range of wedding accessories.

Love, as always