Bridal Hair Accessories & Luxe for Less?

At SO Jewellery we are always going on about our Luxe for Less range. It is quite apparent, what we mean when we say it, but sometimes I find brides and others making pivotal decisions (and yes choosing your wedding hair accessory does count as a pivotal decision!) need an extra little bit of reassurance before biting the bullet and ordering their dream piece.

I work hard sourcing the best quality wedding accessories and bridal jewellery I can, for the cheapest price I can. I obviously do this to help my profit margins but more importantly I do it to help bride and grooms keep their spiralling costs down. Each year, the cost of getting married rises, and wedding industry professionals (and not so professionals) often seem reluctant to do anything to change that. It has always been an absolute backbone of the SO Jewellery business model – offer beautiful, on trend wedding accessories as affordable as I can.

affordable wedding hair accessories

This is where the Luxe for Less range kicks in.

Luxe for Less is quite literally that…. Luxury for Less.

All of our bridal hair accessories and wedding jewellery tagged as being in the Luxe for Less range have the highest quality components available on the market. Almost all of them will include genuine Swarovski crystals, if not they will be cz stones. If they feature pearls they will either be real freshwater pearls or the best synthetic ones available – that would be the Swarovski ones again then! The bands and designs themselves will either be silver plated or often Rhodium plated which stops them from fading and discolouring. The Lace will be genuine, I could go on and on.

Ivory Fabric Side Tiara

Suffice to say – the materials used will be the very best you can buy. The pieces themselves are extremely well made ensuring there will be no last minute “oh my god I broke it” situations and I work extremely hard* to stay on top of the current bridal fashions to make sure our range is both on trend but has the timeless elegance all bridal jewellery and hair accessories need.

So what is the catch? Why is it so cheap compared to other sites you have seen the same thing on?

There is absolutely no catch. I work from home, it is just me and the occasional little helpers (mostly my 3 year old – and yes the jewellery does withstand her adoration – told you it was quality!) so I have got extremely low overheads. This means I can pass that saving onto you – the bride to be! and of course anyone else who is after an affordable hair accessory and bit of jewellery. I know what an absolutely penny pinching time it can be so I genuinely want to relieve a bit of pressure by making the wedding accessories I sell as affordable as possible.

so jewellery - affordable wedding jewellery

This doesn’t just go for our Luxe for Less range, it is true of all of our accessories. Our even more affordable accessories – aimed at brides on a really tight budget and as bridesmaids accessories and our sterling silver range beats all high street and most (I can’t say all as I haven’t checked EVERY website going!) online retailer prices.

So what are you waiting for? Order you beautiful bridal accessory now safe in the knowledge you really are getting a great bargain. Don’t worry, if you don’t like it you can also be sure you will get a full refund with SO Jewellery, as long as you get it back to us within 14 days, of course!

If after all this, you STILL need some convincing, just give me a call and I will be more than happy to talk over anything with you.

That’s all for now,

Love as Always


*When I say work extremely hard I mean reading bridal magazines sat at home in my pjs keeping an eye on twitter as to what is happening at the bridal market in NY – amongst other things of course. 🙂